In the early morning of Thursday 2nd of May 2024, dr. Els Maeckelberghe (associate professor at UMCG) was a guest of the NPO Radio 1 show ‘De nacht van NTR Wetenschap’. During this 1-hour interview Maeckelberge talked about her research in medical ethics. Using a few examples she shows the ethical dilemmas medical doctors face. Not only in care, but also in research medical ethical advice is very important. Maeckelberghe’s study in Stress in Action is about the connection of technology and humans. How will we measure stress and what’s the impact of those measurements on the participants?

Listen to the podcast with Els Maeckelberghe (in Dutch).

After the interview with Maeckelberge, there was time for (part of) the NTR Focus podcast episode ‘The technological body’ with SiA colleague prof. dr. Matthijs Noordzij (professor at University of Twente). In this podcast he talks about wearables in research and stress measurements. Lastly, the programme concluded with a 20 minute interview with dr. ir. Femke Lamers (associate professor at Amsterdam UMC). She elaborated on data collection, data infrastructure, and wearables in Stress in Action. Additionally Lamers talked about her research projects on immunometabolic depression and treatment.

Femke Lamers hosted the X account @NL_Wetenschap last week. Interested in Lamers’ research? Log in to X and learn more about her research and follow another researcher next week! @NL_Wetenschap

Listen to the full programme on the website of NPO Radio 1 (in Dutch).

Listen to the podcast with Matthijs Noordzij (in Dutch).