Project office

The Project office provides the central management of Stress in Action. The PI’s of the project are closely working together with the project manager, project assistant and communications officer.

Portrait photo of Anna Silvestrin

Anna Silvestrin

Project manager

Anna is the Stress in Action project manager. She has a diverse background in project management, physiotherapy, and is a certified yoga and Pilates instructor. She brings both her unique set of skills and perspectives as well as a passion for promoting physical and mental well-being to her work with Stress in Action.

Portrait photo of Anouk Weverling

Anouk Weverling

Communications officer

Anouk Weverling is responsbile for all communications (internal and external) within the Stress in Action project. After graduating her masters in Communication Studies, she started working at Amsterdam UMC at the Amsterdam Public Health research institute. In 2023 she joined the department of Psychiatry as communication officer of the department, and of  Stress in Action.

Portrait photo of Marianne Knudsen

Marianne Knudsen

Project assistant

Marianne Knudsen works as a project assistant at Stress in Action and as management assistant to Professor Brenda Penninx, vice-chair at the department of Psychiatry at Amsterdam UMC. Marianne has a background in event management, communication and she is a certified life coach and nutrition consultant.