Advancing the Science of Stress by Moving the Lab to Daily Life

Stress in Action capitalizes on the fast advances in technology and big data analytics to move stress research from the lab to daily life. The Consortium enables synergistic collaborations to discover 1) how responses to daily life stress arise from the temporal, dynamic interplay between context and person-specific factors, 2) how daily life stress can be reliably measured in a specific individual in real-time, and 3) how and when potential beneficial stress-response mechanisms turn into detrimental effects on mental and cardiometabolic health. This enables the development of novel monitoring and intervention strategies to track and reduce daily life stress and its health impact.


In 2022 the Stress in Action programme has received a Gravitation grant from the Dutch Scientific Organization (NWO). This grant of 19.6 million Euro will fund 10 years of research activities to make the Stress in Action programme reality. The NWO Gravitation programme is encouraging scientific consortia to potentially rank among the world’s best in their field. Gravitation emphasizes the importance of cooperation across disciplines and universities, contribution to training of talented researchers and achieving international breakthroughs.

The official starting date of the project is 1st of January 2023.

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The following institutions are affiliated in the Stress in Action project: