Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) is a multi-disciplinary international group of top scientists with expertise in e.g. psychiatry, psychology, ambulatory monitoring, ethics and big data science.

Portrait photo of Matthias Mehl
Prof. Matthias Mehl
University of Arizona, USA;
Ambulatory research methods
Portrait photo of Josh Smyth
Prof. Joshua Smyth
Ohio State University, USA;
Psychology, president Society for Ambulatory Assessment
Portrait photo of Johannes Siegrist
Prof. Johannes Siegrist
University of Dusseldorf, Germany;
Sociology, Work stress models
Portrait photo of Vaibhav Narayan
Prof. Vaibhav Narayan
Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative;
Head of Strategy and innovation
Portrait photo of Viola Vaccarino
Prof. Viola Vaccarino
Director Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta, USA;
Behavioural medicine in cardiology
Portrait photo of Peter Kuppens
Prof. Peter Kuppens
University of Leuven, Belgium;
Psychology statistical methodology for ambulatory assessment
Portrait photo of Marcella Rietschel
Prof. Marcella Rietschel
Central Institute of Mental Health, Germany;
Psychiatric Genetics