Junior Think Tank

The Junior Think Tank is a group of PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers within the consortium. Every member of the Junior Think Tank represents their institution.

Portrait photo of Merel van den Berg
Merel van den Berg
PhD student,
University of Twente
Portrait photo of Lino von Klipstein
Lino von Klipstein
Postdoctoral researcher,
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Portrait photo of Robin Lengton
Robin Lengton
PhD student,
Erasmus MC
Portrait photo of Jeroen Mulder
Jeroen Mulder
Postdoctoral researcher,
Utrecht University
Portrait photo of Felix Reichelt
Felix Reichelt
PhD student,
UMC Groningen
Portrait photo of Marcos Ross
Marcos Ross
PhD student,
Amsterdam UMC
Portrait photo of Melisa Saygin
Melisa Saygin
PhD student,
VU Amsterdam