Robin Lengton is a first-year PhD student at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam. Her research focuses on analyzing measures of daily-life stress response in relation to cardiometabolic health status. In addition, she will assist in validating novel biological stress measures. Prior to arriving at SiA, Robin completed a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, where her thesis focused on the associations between long-term glucocorticoid levels, sensitivity of glucocorticoid receptor to glucocorticoids and (psychological) stress in patients with obesity. In the last two years she has continued her work in this field within the working group of Prof. Dr. E.F.C. van Rossum.

Research question

“How do novel biological stress measures correlate with daily life stress responses? and what is the relationship between (novel) biological stress indicators and cardiometabolic health status in diverse populations?”


This project focuses on the validation of novel biological stress measures in different populations. Furthermore, daily life stress responses in relation to cardiometabolic health status will be assessed in existing large cohort studies. By assessing the relationship between these measures and cardiometabolic health status, my research aims to contribute valuable insights into the intricate connections between biological stress indicators and cardiometabolic health. My study seeks to enhance our understanding of how these (novel) stress measures can serve as reliable markers for assessing and managing cardiometabolic health, providing a foundation for more targeted interventions and improved health outcomes.

Robin Lengton

PhD student,
Erasmus MC

Portrait photo of Robin Lengton

Robin is member of the
Junior Think Tank