Mid March,  Stress in Action co-organized and participated in the first edition of the AI & Health Winter School in Amsterdam, organised by the VU Campus Center for AI & Health. SiA’s PhD students Caroline Broeder and Jasmin Pasteuning elaborate on their experience in the course.

“The AI & Health Winter School consisted of a mixture of lectures from clinicians, researchers and AI-experts, and group work to get hands-on experience with Artificial Intelligence (AI) modeling. We especially enjoyed the variety of topics covered, ranging from the technical aspects of AI to different medical applications and end user experiences. During the lectures, there was also room for interactive discussions, which was especially interesting given the multidisciplinary nature of the group. While most people had ample experience with AI, those with a more clinical background were also able to follow, as talks were tailored to both. Assignment were done in groups, based on varying expertise, as to encourage interdisciplinary discussions.

Stress in Action made a great contribution to the Winter School by providing a use case and an extensive dataset for the group assignment, as well as three great talks by prof. dr. Brenda Penninx, dr. George Aalbers (both Amsterdam UMC) and Sjors van de Ven (VU Amsterdam), which nicely illustrated the different ways AI can be incorporated into research. In addition to the course program itself, there was plenty of room for socializing. On Wednesday, we went to the Body Worlds museum and enjoyed dinner at Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam Noord, a nice way to meet and connect with others outside  your own field of research.”

More information on the VU Campus Center for AI & Health can be found on their website.

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dr. George Aalbers