In Episode #13 of podcast Stadswandelingen titled ‘Generatie Z(en) Stress en Gezondheid’ Prof. Dr. Manon Hillegers talks about her research on stress at Erasmus MC.

Core questions are discussed, like what is stress? What are the causes of stress? Is stress positive or negative? And how come that young adults and students  feel so much pressure in performance and productivity? Manon talks about Stress in Action and how the city of Rotterdam (and other cities) will serve as a lab for the study where stress in daily life will be measured and studied.

Manon also mentions the Grow it! app and how this app can help young people cope with stress. In parallel with Manon, the other speaker in the podcast is a former police officer who has experienced burnout himself.

The Podcast ‘Stadswandelingen’ is produced by Erasmus Verbindt, a collaboration of Erasmus University Rotterdam and Rijnmond.

More information on the podcast and this episode can be found here (in Dutch): Generatie Z(en) – Stress & Gezondheid | Erasmus University Rotterdam (

Listen the episode with Prof. Dr. Manon Hillegers (in Dutch) here: #13 Generatie Z(en) (Stress & Gezondheid) – Stadswandelingen | Podcast on Spotify