Jasmin Pasteuning is a PhD-candidate at the department of Psychiatry at Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. She has a background in Neurosciences and Philosophy of Neurosciences. Currently, she is working on research that focuses on the multilevel dynamics of the stress system in people with depression and childhood trauma. In her research, she uses several different tools, including fMRI and experience sampling methods.

Research question

“How do daily-life ambulatory assessments of stress response correlate to neuroimaging patterns and lab-induced (acute) stress responses, and are these differential in persons with and without early life trauma?”


This study explores the mechanism behind stress dynamics on multiple levels in people with depression and childhood trauma, people without depression and childhood trauma, and healthy controls. We collect imaging (fMRI) and biological data (cortisol, alpha-amylase), as well as ecological momentary assessment and wearables. This way, we are able to study stress dynamics both in a lab-setting after induction of social stress and in everyday life.

Jasmin Pasteuning

PhD student,
Amsterdam UMC

Portrait photo of Jasmin Pasteuning

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