The Stress in Action lab meeting kick-off took place Wednesday 8th of November. We organized the first online lab meeting, which will be followed by monthly meetings.

During the lab meeting we welcome all consortium members online. Every month we will invite a senior researcher/PI for an expert talk and two junior researchers to present their work. There is also time for sharing news and updates and discussion of research topics and projects.

This  meeting started with an expert talk by prof. dr. Matthijs Noordzij, holding a summerized version of his inaugural lecture on wearables. Matthijs was followed by PhD student Susanne Kuckuck celebrating the first SiA publication; her paper on hair glucocorticoids in the relation to the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease. The second junior talk was by PhD student Sjors van de Ven on accelerometer-based heart rate estimation for ambulatory stress research. This meeting comprises a great variation of topics, reflecting the interdisciplinarity within our consortium.

The purpose of these meetings is to create a platform that will foster more integration between the researchers from the different research teams and institutes. Thanks to all consortium members for joining us!

A section of the consortium joining the monthly online lab meeting 8th of November!