Solomiia Myroniuk is a PhD student in the Department of Developmental Psychology at the University of Groningen. She completed a Research Master’s in Behavioral and Social Sciences with a specialization in lifespan development and socialization. During her studies, she gathered experience in collaborative research by being part of the multinational PsyCorona project. Currently, she is interested in the influence of early interpersonal stressful environments in shaping resilient and vulnerable developmental trajectories and later stress reactions. As part of the Stress in Action project, she focuses on integrating and summarizing scholarly knowledge on stress, as based on more than 50 years of theoretical developments and empirical evidence.

Research question

“How is everyday stress (i.e., stressors and stress responses) conceptualized and measured, and what is the pattern of the dynamic associations between daily stress and depression and anxiety disorders?”


To address these questions, I am conducting a series of systematic reviews to map all ambulatory studies on the topic of stress and mental health into a database. My first aim is to provide a general overview of these studies with a special emphasis on the conceptualization and operationalization of stress, the measurement timescale, and the measured stress response components. The second goal is to zoom into the studies that assess depression or anxiety diagnoses, and daily stress. Based on the outcomes of this first overview, future in-depth studies will follow.

Solomiia Myroniuk

PhD student,
University of Groningen

Portrait photo of Solomiia Myroniuk