Magdalena Sikora is a PhD candidate at the University of Twente. She has a background in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology. Within Stress in Action she will contribute to RT2 by working on a database of relevant wearable devices and by creating two pipelines for subsequent validation efforts, one ambulatory validation pipeline of at least 10 days and another one utilizing Virtual Reality.

Research question

“How to support the selection process of wearable devices for monitoring the physiological stress response in daily life?”


Considering the rapid developments in the field of wearables and the high number of new devices coming into the market, selecting the best wearable for monitoring the physiological stress response in daily life remains challenging. It is therefore my aim to develop and continuously maintain a database with wearables which will allow researchers to browse, compare and select the most suitable device for their study. Next to technical information on the device, the database will include other research-relevant information, such as validity, usability or information on access to raw data. The database will be available online as a selection tool.

Magdalena Sikora

PhD student,
University of Twente

Portrait photo of Magdalena Szostak