Lianne de Vries is a postdoctoral research at the department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychology of the Erasmus MC. Her research interests include resilience, wellbeing, the early identification of mental health problems, real-time measures, and the development of digital preventive tools for emotional problems. She completed her PhD in Biological Psychology, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, on the individual differences in well-being, focusing on biological and environmental causes, related phenotypes including mental health, and real-time measures of well-being.

Research question

“How can we prevent mental health problems via resilience or well-being?”


The prevalence of mental health problems among youth is rising. In my research, I focus on preventing mental health problems via resilience and well-being. Using ecological momentary assessment (EMA), we aim to earlier identify mental health issues and optimize/develop digital preventive tools, such as smartphone apps. Additionally, I aim to improve the measurement of resilience in daily life and investigate its relationship with mental health and well-being. I also set up a large-scale EMA study in the Netherlands Twin Registry with eight daily surveys and passive sensing in ~1000 participants, to gain insights into real-time influences on daily affective well-being.

Lianne de Vries

Erasmus MC

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