Artemis is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Biological Psychology at VU Amsterdam. Her background is in developmental and cognitive neuroscience (PhD, MSc) from University College London. She has previously worked with typical, atypical, and neuropsychiatric populations from infancy to late adulthood using cognitive, neuroimaging, and brain stimulation methods. She is particularly interested in individual variability of physiological and cognitive stress responses and the extent to which identified markers from validated measures can inform future intervention work.

Research question

“What is the best possible and most reproducible pipeline for stress wearable validation?”


The measurement of stress in daily life requires tools that accurately and reliably quantify physiological responses. Commercial ‘stress’ wearables are often not sufficiently validated. The current validation landscape of consumer and research wearables is highly variable, so a common framework for stress wearables evaluation is needed. This project aims to develop a rapid and extensive pipeline for wearable validation both inside and outside the lab. The conceptualization of the validation pipeline will provide a common framework for validation which can be applied to different wearables. As part of a second objective related to the cognitive stress response, I am reviewing tools that measure cognitive processes essential for self-regulation (executive function) to identify potentially promising tools outside the lab which will undergo further development or validation in the future.

Artemis Stefani

VU Amsterdam

Portrait photo of Artemis Stefani